An intuitive psychic reading with Reshmi is a snapshot from a bird's eye perspective of where you are right now.  The reading will include a mini life audit which will pinpoint the issues currently causing disruption in your life.  These readings are aimed at helping you get to root cause of what is creating the dis-ease, conflict and instability in your life.  

These readings can also be the signposts you need to get clarity on your purpose helping you focus on the most suitable next steps to elevate your life, career, relationship; improve your health and much more.Many times these readings are the turning point that you may have been avoiding.
Readings are given to help you decide, what suits you best at this stage of your life.

Get clarity on the right action

Recognise what is holding you back and what can be done about it.  Many times we are carrying or living from a family belief system that interferes with your true purpose, your passion and your joy.  In these readings, Reshmi explains simply how to get clear of that which is blocking you.

Where your happiness lies

Understand what the true dynamics are in your relationship and how they are helping or hindering you in living with deep connection receiving the love you deserve.  The reading will cover aspects of behaviours and patterns that need to be considered for you to create the harmonious relationship you deserve. 

What's best for your health

Life brings many challenges, when we fail to listen to your intuition or honour your truth, this can lead to dis-ease in your body.  During a reading we will discuss the root causes of any health issues that need to be  addressed and how.