From Drifting to Driving

Reveal Your Brilliance as you Embrace your True Essence


I am truly grateful to have you here.

You are here by invitation following our call.  

I have chosen a handful of people to enrol on this brand new course.  

This course is aimed at people who are keen to step beyond the everyday story of their subconscious minds to create a life beyond the ordinary.

  I have TWO requirements of you:

1) You commit at least one hour a day to work on the material for the 10 weeks.

2)  The course is being offered at a reduced fee in exchange for a video testimonial at the end of the course.
Please note: These requirements are non-negotiable.

The formation of diamonds takes place deep within the Earth's core (around 90 to 125 miles below the surface), where intense heat and pressure mould carbon deposits into stunning gemstones.

The creation timeframe varies - some diamonds form within days or months, while others take millions of years to fully develop.

Pinpointing a diamond's precise age is a challenge.  

Astonishingly, most natural diamonds are millions, or even billions of years old - just like you they are infinite energies who only shine brighter with time.

What's more fascinating is that diamonds' growth isn't a seamless journey. A rough diamond's innate process can be disrupted by changes in temperature or pressure, leaving it dormant for hundreds or millions of years until conditions permit the resumption of growth.

You are ONE such Diamond.  
Formed over lifetimes.
Your Precious self has accumulated centuries and generations of wisdom
Evolving from stardust (carbon and other minerals)
You have what it takes to bring real healing with love to yourself& others
Your inner brilliance is where you can Manifest your wildest dreams
As we clear the accumulated sediment, you will step beyond a life of challenge to
embrace a life of opportunities.

Course Summary

  • Weekly live group calls x 10 
  • Group Community to support and practice with each other
  • We will work on dismantling the subconscious structures which hide your true value and power
  • Honouring your unique connection to source through playful practice
  • Understand the gifts within your relationships
  • Become less trigger happy 
  • Utilise the power in your words
  • Discover Your Soul Purpose as you become the Alchemist of your life
  • Learn how to turn energy into material
  • Learn & Practice techniques that erase fear and frustration
  • Understand what true ZEN is
  • Understand what FEAR is leading you towards
  • Lifetime access to Material

When it's time for a diamond to dazzle, the miner emerges. Or as they say when the student is ready the teacher appears.

No matter how much sediment (life experience) you've hidden beneath, at your core, your true essence i.e. your PURITY cannot be diminished.  Your purity is the clarity through which you will see life with fresh eyes looking for the joy, the freedom, the strength to create the life you have been hiding from.

Our journey through this program, demands tough decisions with true commitment to the process.  

By choosing to do this work, you will notice how your new choices allow you to shine brighter in all areas of your life as you hide less.

Reshmi Purmar

Hello and Welcome. 

You are here either by "chance", recommendation or because you already know me.  If you are here by chance and do not know me, my first question to you is: do you believe in Synchronicities?

I do. I believe the world we live in can be a magical place when we learn to be in the moment. Have you seen Avatar the movie?  In the movie to be alive means breathing deeply, being centered and feeling.  

Feeling is our core guidance system. Anytime business people make wild decisions and they hit the nail on the head they say they had a gut feeling.  Gut feelings are not only intuitive they are the drivers that make inventors invent and the reason our world is full of powerful technologies, they are the reason you feel joyful and uplifted when you see beautiful thing like flowers or connection. 

When our feelings go off track is when we feel hurt, unstable, lost or confused. 

I am a perpetual student. And have been a student of life's mysteries in mind, body, spirit most of my life.  Initially through trying to understand science then energy work followed by understanding mind sciences.  Those things that work for me are my experimental evidence of what works and what I use to teach and guide others through the transformational process of cocreating to fulfil their purpose.

You are here because you are on a path to self discovery as a way of creating a deeper soulful and loving relationship with yourself, your family, your world and beyond. 

I am delighted to be your guide here.


Course Pricing

  • Precious Infinite YOU
  • £666

    Revealing Your brilliance, purpose and mission with clarity owning your innate abilities you will shine like the diamond you are.

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