Finally, you can love

Ready to move from a cycle of heartbreak, frustration and conflict,
to connection and loving whole heartedly?

 Heal your past experiences and trauma

Frustrated? Confused?

Do you keep going through the same cycle of frustration when dating or in your relationship?

Do you feel confounded by the repeating disappointments you encounter in your love life:
Despite being a strong independent individual, relationships leave you hurt and lonely?    

In a relationship: Are you losing connection with the one you fell in love with?

Does your Loved one complain they don't feel valued enough or feel they cant do anything right by you?

Do you constantly get blamed for things being difficult and for not understanding?

Do you find yourself walking on eggshells or bumping into bombshells that pop up  unexpectedly?

Are you sick of trying to keep up with why they are in the hurt place, again?

You don't know how to make them feel valued and appreciated even though you have been trying every arsenal in your toolbox.  

You don't know how to get them to appreciate and value you like they did before.

Looking for the ONE?

When you meet someone it is all fireworks, you can't stop thinking about them,  they say the same thing and then all of a sudden things change:  

     x   They stop replying;
     x   They don't show interest in wanting to see you;
     x   They seem distracted or bored when you are together;
     x   They become snappy or unreachable.

Are you even afraid to date, or have left the dating scene because you have lost all hope that there is someone out there for you - yet your inner yearning for connection is getting louder?

Or, are you uncertain about having a relationship because memories of conflicts, troubles and pain remind you it's better to be single?

Do you want to fix your relationship or create one where there is more love, and a deeper connection and understanding?  

Are you ready to break the cycle of constant disappointments and hurts?

Ready to gain a heart-full passionate, relationship being seen, heard, respected, nurtured and loved for who you are and more?  

You have come to the right place.

You've found the Relationship coach who has lived your experiences, been where you are, and knows how to get where you yearn to be. 

Reshmi Purmar: 
Relationship Coach
& Psychic Healer


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1 on 1 Relationship Coaching

Personal sessions uniquely tailored to your specific situation.
You will be guided to release past traumatic experiences, healing hurts of repeated rejection and uncertainty in relationships, enabling you move forward into relationships with more love,  and a deeper connection and understanding.
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Group Coaching Program     

 A refined program to work through as part of a group.
You will get emotional support from people working with similar issues, learn and practice self empowerment processes together, and be given space to be accountable to your personal relationship goals.
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What Others Say

 I had my first reading with Reshmi a year ago.

I didn't know what to expect exactly, I presumed it would entail being told of the achievements and goals I would reach in life.
That is what my experience of readings from others has been, which is a lovely short term experience- to be told wonderful things will happen and you leave the reading delighted and satisfied with yourself.
Then time passes and none of the wonderful things seem to happen.

There is this gap where I see my goals/dreams but I don't know what's stopping me from getting there.

This is where Reshmi is really amazing. She reads you, she can somehow see what it is that holds you back. It's slow and painful for me to acknowledge the parts of me that make life harder than it should be, to acknowledge my blocks are internal rather than external.

Reshmi shows me it's possible to change a lifetime of beliefs that are damaging, giving me tools to heal them.
My reaction and participation in the readings is sometimes resistant, angry and obstinate.

Reshmi is kind and patient and easy going regardless of how I present myself. Her intuition and insight is always brilliant.
If you have not listened to her meditations you are missing out, they are special.

Evelyn 05 Jun 2020