Finding the ONE

your intellect,
your spirit, 
your pure flow.

Spending your downtime disassociating, watching TV and doom scrolling, medicating the pain away, overeating or overexercising?

Stop drifting, there's a better hobby: Workout within your heart!

Getting a degree in you puts you in the driver's seat of your destiny.

Discover your intellect, your infinite talents, your true self over 12 weeks through personalised coaching. Plus, there's a tribe of people on the same journey, waiting for you with open arms.

Take my hand. Let's drive you toward your destiny.

Gaining your value through what you're doing for other people?

You've come to the right place.

I'm Reshmi Purmar, your Relationship Coach & Psychic Healer.

You've found, in me, a soul who has stood in your shoes and my goodness is it freeing to take them off.

Keen to get to know me? I'd be honoured.

Break the cycle of pain

Losing connection?

You've been shrinking yourself to fit into the life others want for you, while watching the magic fade.

Constantly blamed for difficulties or not understanding their viewpoint, you've been walking on eggshells.

This is no way to live!

There is a way to make them feel valued and appreciated, you just haven't found it yet. 

Even more importantly, there's a way to be valued by them, so you can also feel appreciated in your relationship.

As soon as you resolve past traumas, present conflicts will fade into memory.

We can find your way back to the magic.

Looking for The One?

When you meet someone it is all fireworks, you can't stop thinking about them.

They say they feel the same, and you are on cloud 9!

Then, things change.  

They stop replying. They seem distracted or bored when you are together. They become snappy or unreachable...

If experiences like this are making you fear dating, I'm so relieved you found me.

We'll get your pure flow back, remove the fear, and make you magnetic to the right people.

When in our pure flow, we attract only the best.

Elusive Love course
What's your preference?

1-on-1 Relationship Coaching

Personal sessions tailored to you.
You will be guided to release past traumatic experiences, healing hurts of repeated rejection and uncertainty in relationships. We will enable you to move forward into relationships with more love, and a deeper connection and understanding.

Group Coaching     

 A refined program fortified by group work.
You will get emotional support from people working with similar issues, guided by my expertise and accountability. Together, you'll learn and practice self-empowerment processes and carve out space to meet your personal relationship goals.

Gain a heart-full passionate, relationship.

You had the courage to come here.

Now, gather the strength to put YOU first.

I was hitting a brick wall with work, my home life, and my self-esteem. I was only really existing, not living.

Reshmi found what was holding me back from achieving my true potential. She uses a combination of talk therapy and energetic therapy and sees ‘you’. The level of trust Reshmi creates is astounding. I would trust her with anything.   

Client from 2022 to present

Reshmi is my psychotherapist, my life coach, my career guide, my spiritual guide, my check-in with myself.

Thank you Reshmi for a great reading, you have guided me for the last eight years and what a journey it has been!  

I don't know where I would be without my check-ins with you 🥰 

Client from 2015 to present

I love the fact that Reshmi tunes in quickly. I don't even have to explain, because she works beyond words.   

I love that there's always a recording and her sense of humour. I feel like it's a relationship of equals.

I'm empowered when I leave her sessions! Today, I am a fully connected person, firing on all cylinders. I trust in myself.

Client from 2013 to present