Elusive Love: 1 on 1 Relationship Coaching

90 Day Program: Includes 12 Weekly Personal & Private, Gentle but Powerful Coaching Sessions:
Stop the Pain & Loneliness in Your Relationships

Fire up your Inner Attractor Factor

Learn to love fearlessly, with comfort, security and self-belief,
and start creating safe, healthy, supportive personal and business relationships.

Meet Your Coach

Reshmi Purmar

Hello and Welcome,  

I have been running these programs for over 10 years with great success, and this newer 3 month program aims to be an even more expanded version, with the latest Psyco-spiritual processes and techniques to help you grow and master living consciously.  

In the sessions, we explore various tools and techniques ideally suited to help you get up close and personal to your inner world. I will act as a channel between your spirit/soul and you. We will work on the hurt, disassociated, and neglected parts of you that are creating the challenges you face in life and relationships in the present, and develop your skills to master any relationship, knowing & feeling YOU ARE VALUED. 

Course Summary

Create lasting change in your life:

Heal from bad past relationship patterns and experiences *

* Be Empowered: Step into your pure potential in all areas of life, with a focus on relationship healing *

* Create healthy, helpful habits, to help you grow into the best version of you *


Pain     Loneliness
Frustration   Rejection
Fear     Conflict


Confidence   Freedom
Security   Connection   Intimacy
Autonomy   Happiness   Love

Course Delivery

Each week we will connect 1-2-1 on a 50 minute live online video call (the first call is 75 minutes as this sets the foundation for the rest of the program).  

Videos are provided to walk you through weekly exercises & you will get downloadable workbooks to record your exercise progress.

Although this is a private coaching program you are invited to join my online community of those participating in the group training, your tribe. Here you can share your insights, wins and challenges. Your tribe are there for you to practice with within a safe confidential space. I invite you to be an active participant.  

Once a month there will also be a live group Q&A with Reshmi, and others following the same process. We address what is coming up for you and the others, through the healing and growing as you work through the program.  

This Program is aimed at people who are fully invested in dedicating time to self development to master living consciously. You will need to put the time in to get the results you want. To get the best results you will go through your fears and beliefs with compassion. All of this requires working to learn and actively do the exercises you will be shown in this program.  

This is very much about ‘you’ and your own unique journey… so an exciting adventure awaits!